Control Your Home,

With The Power Of Your Voice!


Find out how by watching our video below...

No Smart Home can be complete without total hands-free operation; no need to fuss around looking for the remote, again. Every Smart Home can be fitted with intelligent voice control tightly woven into every aspect of your home set up. We use Amazons Echo and Googles Home technology to fully synchronise and integrate your living space. Blinds, lights, locks, heating, window opaqueness, your Hi-fi and security cameras can all be controlled remotely with your voice.


You'll always have a virtual assistant ready to help you whenever you need. Below are a few of the things you could ask your virtual assistant:


"Set an alarm for 7am"

"What's the news?"

"Add potatoes to my shopping list"

"Remind me to get the car serviced"

"How long will it take me to get to work?"

"Turn on my TV"

"Play Guns N' Roses"

"What's on my calendar today?"

"Turn off my lights"

"What is 12 x 12?”

"How many cups are in 500ml?”

"Order me a Pizza"

"Order me a Taxi"

"Did Liverpool Win?”

"What's the current share price on Google?"

"Set my thermostat to 23 degrees"

"What is the closing time for Evans cycles in town?"

"Dim my living room lights"


And much, Much More!

You can even expand its knowledge base with third party software to tailor your assistant perfectly for you. The possibilities are endless!


However intelligent voice control is more than just a “one trick pony” and goes above and beyond replacing your various remote controls. With voice control comes your new virtual assistant.


In the kitchen and need to make a shopping list? Just say what you need, and it is done.

Need to know when the local shop shuts? Just ask.

Wondering about the weather, or whether you will need a jacket or how bad traffic will be? Again, just ask.


It is literally as simple as that. All the information you need without having to look at your phone or stop what you’re doing, making your life simpler. Your smart home can set alarms and reminders, tell you the score to that game you missed, call you a cab, inform you of your schedule each morning and much more.


Your virtual assistant will continue to surprise you.  With updates, it can be made smarter and more refined as time goes by, giving it more practical applications.


Expandable after point of sale, every smart home product can connect to your virtual assistant and more can be added later, so if there is a hardware feature you think may be useful to you, just give us a call and we will make it work.


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