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Most alarm systems are never switched on. Smart homes will do this automatically whenever you leave your home, or arrive back home. Whatever the time of day, no thinking, just added security. Smart Home security enables you to add a complete new layer of automated home security.


With Smart Home security, the system is fully integrated with your other devices and will arm and de-arm itself depending if you are home or not. It will also automatically record, deter and directly notify you of any anomalies when you are away from your home. You'll be able to access your home security system from anywhere in the world, giving you that peace of mind wherever you are that your home is safe and secured. If there is a problem, you can easily arrange assistance; call the Police, the Fire Department, or your friend to investigate.


Smart Locks


Never wonder if you've locked your doors again. Your smart locks will integrate seamlessly with your new connected Smart Home, proving a truly convenient and safe experience.




While being more secure than a traditional lock, it enables your locks to lock automatically with no risk of being locked out of your home. There's no need to worry if your kids come home early, or when you’re stuck late at work, with friends on the doorstep. For example, you'll be able to set a temporary pin from your phone that only works for 24 hours. No need to worry about keys anymore.


Automated Locks


Not only does the lock automate locking, it also has a tamper alarm, an incorrect pin lockout feature, and emergency backup power. The locks we use are also approved by the 'Police secured by Designed Scheme.'


Always on


Our locks are powered with back up batteries just in case the power goes down, plus, it will warn you when the batteries themselves are low. There is even an emergency backup power system, if the internal batteries die as well.


Smart Cameras


Keep an eye on what matters, with cameras that can be placed just about anywhere.

(There may be an additional subscription cost depending on the camera manufacture used)


We integrate a range of smart home cameras that can work in conjunction with your security locks and other smart home technologies. For use in or outside of the home, all the cameras are fully accessible from anywhere in the world.


They can work alongside your other security devices; to send alerts directly to your Smart Home devices, provide live feeds while saving instant recordings of any instances that occur, just in case. You can also have 24/7 live recording if you wish. The recordings can be played back in seconds, whenever you demand.


The cameras can also tell the difference between a thing and a person. Therefore, your pet will be able to roam the house freely, but the intruder will not. Its vision can also be set to watch particular sections, instead of whole areas, such as windows or doors. This gives you the information you need, and takes snapshots of the critical moments.


Tell your dog to get off the Sofa! Our cameras also have built in speakers, which enable you to have two way conversations with pets, friends or family members when you aren't home.


Smart Security Lighting


Automate your lighting when you are away to make your home look occupied


Smart Home Security lighting creates a “Secure Residential” environment when you are away. When you are away from home, your smart home system will randomise particular lights within the home to give the illusion to onlookers that someone is home. Unlike traditional light timers, the lights will never change at the exact same time daily. Instead, with a random timer, and the ability to make it looks like people are moving room to room, it creates the most natural vacation lighting security possible.


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