Smart Homes possibilities are endless, and the combination of devices can make things somewhat complicated. Therefore, we've compiled a range of package deals to match a range of smart home requirements, budgets and technical skill.


We provide three tiers within our packages classified as bronze, silver and gold. Each one of these are tailored for a specific end goal; smart efficiency, smart security, and smart entertainment installations.


Our packages are based on an average three-bedroom house, resulting in the price potentially varying depending if your home is smaller or larger than our estimations.


Our packages can be tailored to best suit you, and even combined at a discounted rate to provide you with the most complete smart home experience.


Select one of your desired end goals below to get started.


Our Efficiency Packages


Our bronze efficiency package comes complete with everything you need to start saving on your energy bills. We will replace all your bulbs with energy efficient ones that use sensors to detect when a room is occupied.


Our installation will enable these bulbs to come on automatically when you enter a room and switch off when the room is empty, saving money on wasted electricity. This package also comes with a Smart thermostat that offers full control of your heating straight from your smartphone.


Similarly, to the lights; our thermostat will know when your house is empty, or if you’ve retired for the night and will switch the heating off automatically potentially saving you hundreds of pounds per year. You can also control your thermostat from your phone, ensuring you arrive home from work, so your always guaranteed to be met with a toasty welcome.


This bronze package also includes a fully set-up Amazon Echo Dot which will synchronise with your heating and lights providing you complete hands-free voice controlled operation.


from £495 (approx)

Our silver efficiency package comes with all the features of our base package but with added functionality. The pack includes smart plug installations that allow you to switch appliances on and off with your voice, as well as switching appliances off when the home is empty and at night, thus increasing the safety and further reducing your energy bills. They will also monitor energy consumption and automatically switch off appliances if they have been left on too long by mistake, such as an iron.


This package also includes two Echo dots for greater voice control options around the house and dimmer switches in every room to give your modern smart lights traditional controls.


from £1,195 (approx)

Our gold efficiency package comes all the functionality of our other efficiency packages but with a thermostat that can learn your schedule. We will install and set-up your thermostat to be the most intuitive and adaptive smart thermostat on the market whilst requiring very little engagement from you for it to operate at its fullest. From the moment it is installed it starts to memorise you and your family’s routine so that the house is never heated when its empty.


Unlike other heating systems on the market; our gold package thermostat will keep you connected to your heating system, notifying you of maintenance needed, or any other issues that occur within the system. Additionally, in those cold winter months, our system will fire up your heating if it thinks the pipes are in danger of freezing.


Lastly, unlike our other packages, your heating will be controlled on a per-room basis. This ensures that only rooms that are being used are heated efficiently, therefore not only reducing your monthly energy bills immediately, but also saving you from any unexpected repair bills in the long run. In addition to standard smart lights being fitted in every room, we will also install colour changing smart lights within your main living area. Not only do they use very little power to function, they also display over 6 million colours and an infinite amount of customisable colour schemes enabling you to set the scene to match your routine or mood.


from £1995 (approx)

Our Entertainment Packages


With our bronze entertainment package, you will be able to entertain the whole family and give your living room that wow factor!


Cinematic, colour changing lights will add atmosphere to any room, perfect for nights in curled up on the couch, or to highlight features you love around your home. Choose from over six million colours and an infinite amount of custom colour themes to match your mood, or create a desired atmosphere depending on your activity.


Your new smart lights will also dimmable, with our bronze package containing with full Alexa voice integration across your home so all lights can be controlled by your voice; just say “turn the lights on” and they will come on as fast as a switch. The same goes for changing the colour and dimming, if you say “it’s too bright” the lights will dim.


To complement the lights, we also install multi-room sound systems around your home, allowing you to play a single track across your entire home or a different track in each room. Perfect for parties or that much needed cleaning up motivation.


Your home will also have an Amazon Alexa voice assistant installed. Alexa can answer questions like “when does the local shop close”. She can also take note of your shopping lists and send them to your phone when you arrive at the shops. Alexa greatly simplifies many tasks around your home and once you get used to her advanced features and seamless integration, you won’t be able to live without her.


from £995 (approx)

Our silver entertainment package includes everything mentioned in the bronze package, but expands on those features to fill your home with even more colour changing smart lights and better-quality audio from Sonos multi-room speakers. Full coloured smart lighting across your entire home will be installed, coupled together with accent lighting and discrete LED strips to diversify your lighting options.


This is all combined with multiple Alexa control hubs and Sonos multi-room audio systems installed in your living room, kitchen and primary bedroom to make using your smart home as natural as walking from room to room.


from £1240 (approx)

Our gold entertainment package includes all the functionality of our bronze and silver packages, but kicks it up a gear… or two! Aside from completely revamping every light in your home to be smart and with multi-room audio in every room, we will also add in several advanced custom functionalities around your home.


Not only will you be able to command your home with your voice, but you will also have a fully integrated smart remote that replaces all your remotes in your home, and smart command shortcut buttons on your walls. From a single voice command, or one touch of a button, your favourite activates will be carried out automatically. One possible scenario of this could be a ‘Netflix’ activity. With a single command, your home will turn on your TV and Hi-Fi, select the correct inputs, start up your streaming device, select Netflix, log you in, change the colour and brightness of your lights, close the blinds and finalising with warming up your living room, so you can relax in ease with minimal fuss.


In addition to this, your lights will alter their scene depending on the time of the day, so as the sunset lowers, your lights will turn to a warm colour temperature to reduce those harsh blue lights aiding you in winding down for the day.


Aside from this, we will also add a new layer of ‘smart’ within your multi-room speakers, enabling them to know automatically when the room is empty, so your music follows you around your home instead of filling empty rooms. And there’s more! We connect your lights to timers, the weather and your alarms, so you are visually alerted to important notifications.


This package ensures that your home looks and sounds unlike any other. The possibilities are endless!


from £2995 (+optional smart blinds (approx))

Our Security Packages


Keeping your home secure doesn’t need to break the bank! Our bronze security package plan allows you to see who’s at your door directly on your smartphone whilst also providing you with two-way communication through your security device. This will help you keep your family safe from strangers and unwanted guests, all whilst keeping you up to date with who’s coming in and out of your home.


This package also includes an internal motion sensor to monitor any movement in your home alerting you immediately of unusual activity when your away.


For added piece of mind this pack includes a presence sensor that loved ones can hold. These sensors will send you push notifications to your smart devices letting you know when loved ones leave or enter the property, such as kids have arriving home from school. The sensor is small enough to even be attached to a pet collar, so if your pet tries to make a dash for the door the presence sensors will let you know before it’s too late.


Lastly the bronze package includes a sensor to alert you of any high-risk doors or windows being opened. These are great for preventing thieves entering the house through the ground floor windows and have proven to be a very effective aid, in this example, preventing garage thefts. The garage is usually the first and only target for thieves as the chances of being caught are far lower than a home break-in and the rewards often high. The average cost of a bicycle in the UK is £233, with most families owning 3 or 4 of them in the garage alongside several other expensive items. Attaching a discrete sensor to the garage door will greatly reduce the chances of a thief successfully entering your garage, preventing you becoming another victim.


from £485 (approx)

Our silver level security pack builds from our excellent bronze foundation package, but with more flexibility from the greater number of sensors and an added smart camera that works both in and outdoors. Finally, we will also fit an intelligent fully connected smoke alarm you and your family can trust.


Unlike many other systems, our cameras don’t require a dedicated hard drive to back up saved data, instead saving it directly to the cloud (optional). These cameras can also offer two-way communication straight from your smart phone. If you’re away from home and an intruder enters your property, your smart camera alert all your family’s smart devices so you can monitor the intrusion live, enabling you to take the appropriate actions, such as calling the police.  Aside from using your system for security, many people also use these cameras to speak with workmen at their home, kids playing in the garden and to instruct delivery men on where to put parcels.


With our silver package, we want to take your safety to the next level by hardwiring a smart smoke alarm that doesn’t require batteries. Our smart smoke alarms check themselves over 400 times per day, ridding you of those days of standing on a chair and checking it once a week. Should the alarm develop a fault or detect something unusual, all your family’s smart devices will be alerted. Our smoke alarms can detect both scentless carbon monoxide and smoke in the air with its industrial grade dual sensors. The alarm can also distinguish between fast spreading and slow-moving fires! Aside from your family being alerted, the alarm sounds at 100 decibels. Even when the house is empty the occupants and the fire brigade will have as much time as possible to react. The alarm is connected to the homes smart cameras so that a recording can be used to help establish the cause of the fire, preventing the fire from happening again and priceless when regarding insurance claims. As an added bonus, these alarms can emit light to illuminate the hallway for a quick and safe fire escape or just the odd night trip to the bathroom.


from £875 (approx)

Our highest rated gold security package comes with everything you’d need to keep you and your family safe. Every aspect of your home both inside and out is monitored for intruders, break-ins and fires, keeping your property as secure as possible.


This package further builds upon our previous two packages, but also includes a digital smart lock with a motorized deadbolt. The lock can be locked and unlocked via pin, RFID fobs, authorised smartphones or contactless cards. There are many advantages to removing the need for a key; the first is that you can never be left locked out again. Even if your phones dead and you’ve left your wallet at work; access to your home can still be granted with a 4-6 digit pin. Having the lock motorised allows the door to lock itself after you leave your home, or go to bed. Keyless entry combined with the motorised pin let you take full control of your locks with an app on your smart phone. As soon as someone rings the doorbell, their image will appear on your phone, granting you the option to speak to them and even open the door to them remotely if you wish.


Temporary digital keys can be sent out to anyone you want to grant access to for a limited period of time; dog walkers, electricians and plumbers can all be sent a temporary code that expires after a duration you select. The lock will record who opens the door and when, perfect for making sure the kids left for school on time. Smart locks give the homeowner added functionality, whilst preventing you asking yourself the question of “did I lock the front door on the way out?” ever again.


Our gold package will also install fully connected camera and alarm systems, both indoor and outdoor. Your alarm can be triggered by any of the sensors installed around the home, monitoring movement within your home, or the opening of any window or door. In addition to smartphone controls; the alarm can also be controlled traditionally by a keypad, or set up so it arms itself automatically whenever the house is empty; never forget to turn on your alarm system again. Lastly, when your home is unoccupied, key lights around your home will turn off and on automatically, intelligently mimicking an occupant’s presence within your home, deterring any onlooking intruder.


This gold package ensures you stay connected to your home, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your home is secure, regardless if your home or away.


from £3295 (approx)

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