At Omni-Butler we’ve strived to develop an intelligent system that works around the needs of the person in care and their family. Our Omni-Care technology lends a helping hand to the individual in their daily tasks, whilst keeping the family informed of any falls or mishaps that may happen around the home. Omni-Care works seamlessly using activity sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) rather than cameras to ensure that the privacy of the individual in care is never compromised.


Omni-Care technology has been developed primarily to provide aid in the day to day tasks an elderly person, or an individual in need of care. As a person ages, or as an illness progresses, everyday tasks may become increasingly difficult causing the individual to become more reliant on others for aid. This is a particularly difficult time for many individuals who struggle to let go of their independence. Omni-Care helps empower the individual in care by aiding them throughout their days.

For example, Omni-Care can remind the individual to take their medicine, or automatically turning off the cooker if it's left on for too long. Omni-Care can also wake the person up if it detects they’ve fallen asleep in the bathroom, whilst also contacting the emergency services or a family member if they’ve had a fall.

We don’t believe in one size fits all products; that’s why each Omni-Care package we install will be tailored to the needs of its user.

If the user has impaired hearing, we can use the lights in their home as visual ques, alerting the user to someone at the door, or to let them know that an appliance has been left on.

Alternatively, if the user has impaired vision, they need not be left out of daily affairs. Omni-Care can help the user through and remind them to carry out individual tasks. Omni-Care can also read out the news or other important headlines, so that the user is kept up-to-date with what’s going on in the world.

We can also install voice automation throughout the home, enabling the user to control their TV, lights, heating and appliances without reaching for a remote. We can also connect Omni-Care to other smart devices; enabling 1 to 1 communication with family members or care staff without reaching for a phone. One of the major benefits of AI control is the reduced learning curve, as all this added functionality comes with no added complication to the end user. The user need only speak and Omni-Care's technology will react accordingly.

An Omni-Care installation is non-invasive to the home and functions wirelessly for the most part, so there’s rarely a need for loud powertools or noisy workmen.


The kitchen can be a dangerous place for an elderly person with poor memory. Those aged over 65 are 2.5 times more likely to die in a kitchen fire than a younger member of the public (FEMA, 2017 study). Each year thousands of physically capable people are moved into care homes because their poor memory poses a fire risk to themselves and everyone that shares the building.

Omni-Care aims to reduce the amount of able bodied people going into care homes by introducing audio and visual cues around the home, including emergency cut offs for any dangerous devices like fryers, cookers and irons. No longer does a physically capable person have to  lose their independence over a lapsing memory.


Omni-Care will keep family members informed with regular updates on how the user is doing. This is achieved by sending push notifications to family and care members. For example, notifications can be sent out when the users medication has been taken, or more importantly, forgotten. Notifications can also be sent out if the user gets up in the middle of the night and doesn’t return to their bed, if the user has a fall or if they leave their home unexpectedly. More notifications can be added depending on the level of care and observation the individual requires.


Great care has been taken in the design of our system so that it offers the maximum amount of information to the care giver, without compromising the privacy of the individual receiving care. Omni-Care relies on activity sensors that can pick up on the users movements  and decide upon how best to react. We don’t typically install cameras inside the home as we believe  they encroach on the users privacy; cameras can however be very useful for crime prevention, the monitoring of care staff and the monitoring of the user. We will only install a camera into a home if the user gives us authorisation to do so.

Omni-Care is the perfect compromise; the carer or family member can keep up-to-date on the whereabouts and on goings of the user, but the user never feels like they are being watched or monitored unless they specifically ask for cameras to be used.


In our experience working with a variety of different carers we've noticed that there is no group of people more deserving of a helping hand than those living with the person they are caring for. Often these carers are closely related to those they are caring for e.g. a son looking after his elderly mother.

Full time carers have had to make many life altering sacrifices to provide full time care around the clock. This doesn’t only affect the persons career but also puts a massive halt on their personal relationships and out of work interests. Many full time carers don’t feel comfortable leaving the person in care on their own for any length of time.

With our system installed, full time carers can feel liberated. They will be comforted in the knowledge that they are fully informed of what’s going on at home, letting full time carers enjoy more time to themselves and live a fuller life whilst still looking after their vulnerable loved one.


With Omni-Care installed your loved ones will be enabled to carry out tasks they may have otherwise struggled with. No longer does an elderly person need to sit in a cold home waiting for the carer to arrive and adjust the heating.

Our audio and visual aids enable the person in care to once more take command of their kitchen. Family members living separately can still feel close to their closest, whilst carers gain an invaluable asset for keeping track of those under their care.

Having Omni-Care installed and complimented by a Visiting Home Carer could allow a loved one to live in their own home for years longer than they otherwise would have been able to. Residential Care Homes in the UK can cost between £2000 -£3,350 per month, this huge financial burden forces many to give up their way of life selling their homes and belongings to pay for care.


With Omni-Care we aim to provide a cost effective solution to Residential Care Homes that doesn’t require the person in care to make any life altering changes.

We want to help your loved ones hold onto home.

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