Omni-Care technology has been developed around the needs of an individual receiving care in their own home. Mobile care providers have a unique set of challenges when compared to those that work in a retirement home; they are responsible for looking after multiple vulnerable individuals across a far wider area, ensuring that they take their medication, are fed, dressed and washed each day.

Omni-Care is designed to work alongside  a mobile care giver and not be a replacement to visiting care. Omni-Care can inform care staff of any falls or mishaps the user may have had whilst the carer was away, this gives the carer valuable information that can help them provided a better level of care.


With Omni-Care installed, a person in care can control their environment with a greater degree of safety. Their lights and heating can be controlled without the individual in care ever needing to get up or reach for a remote, whilst shopping lists can be sent to care providers or ordered to the home directly. These little differences add up, the users chances of falling decrease as they don’t need to get up as often. Mobile carer providers working in tandem with Omni-Care can provided a greater level of safety and independence that other care firms wont be able to match. This is beneficial for both you and your clients.

Staff efficiency can be improved with a number of useful  features. Your clients will be able to make up shopping lists with just their voice and have the list automatically sent to their carers phone, this lets the carer shop for multiple clients in one swoop, saving a lot of time and fuel. Carers would also be able to see if all clients have taken their medication on time and see if any clients had issues between visits. These features allow your staff to prioritise their schedule and visit those who need them the most, first.


Omni-Care allows carers to take part in conference calls with the clients family, this can be done whilst the carer is working in the clients home, the carer may use this feature to communicate any concerns they have about the client to the clients family. Good communication between all parties is key to a great level of care and better client retention.

Management can view the comings and goings of their care staff, Omni-Care can monitor when each carer arrives at a clients home and for how long they stay for, this is a great way of tracking staff performance and identifying employees that may cut corners in their delivery of care.


This is an excellent way of displaying the dedication of your staff, many companies state that they offer great care but the service falls short of what was offered. With this data available your company can show clients your care staff carry out their job to the letter, this is a level of piece of mind that your competitors wont be able to offer.

Omni-Care will notify care staff of any falls or dangerous incidents that take place as they happen, this reduces the time it takes for help to be delivered as many carers report helping an elderly person that has been stuck unable to move for multiple hours after having a fall in the night.


One of the major benefits of having Omni-Care installed is that it allows those in your care to remain connected with the wider world without the learning curve of a computer. Using AI (artificial intelligence), the person in care can use the system to have the news read out to them or to communicate with others. If the user wanted to have the days news read out to them they need only say "Tell me the news" and the system will read out the  days headlines along with weather reports etc.

If a carer has two or more people in care with mutual interests, the carer can effortlessly link the two systems together. This has been used to great effect to help those that live alone to communicate with other like-minded individuals. This builds friendships and is an excellent way to alleviate the loneliness felt by thousands of elderly people that have no one to visit them. When described as a modern-day pen pal, it’s something many people really look forward to using. Another feature that few care companies can provide.


Aside from other mobile care companies, one of the main competitors to mobile care is residential care homes. Our system enables a person in care to potentially enjoy living in their home for several years longer than they would otherwise have been able to.

This is beneficial for all parties, the family are pleased to see their loved one living in their home, they also have more time to better financially prepare themselves for the cost of full time residential care and your company can hold onto its clients for longer. In addition, and most importantly of all, the person in care gets to enjoy an enhanced quality of life right from their home with little to no learning curve.


By incorporating our services into your care program, you will be able to provide these unique additional care services over your competitors, showcasing your business to potential clients that your company is confident in the standard of work your carers provide.


This gives your company a huge competitive edge as clients can really appreciate the obvious benefits of assisted living complimented by our smart assistance systems. We strongly believe that our product is a no brainer to customers, saving both carers work and clients’ money in the long run whilst increasing the users standard of living.

Let's keep your loved ones holding onto their homes for as long as possible. Click below to learn how, today.