With Smart Audio, you can turn nearly any speaker, Hi-Fi System or Multi-Room sound system into a fully connected sound stage for and around your home.


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Have your music automate itself to your daily schedule with over 30 streaming services available, including Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music. Access these either with any device, or have them automated to your movement, voice, schedule, and other smart home devices to work in sync with other tasks.


You could have your music welcome you in when you come home, or switch off automatically when you leave your home.


More rooms, more music! Don’t just limit yourself to a single room, with Smart Home Multi-Room Audio you can fill your entire home with music wherever you are. Select the same audio throughout, or tailor each rooms audio to something completely different. You'll even be able to have the audio switch on in each room depending on motion detected, ensuring you’re not filling empty rooms with sound.


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