"To Care For Those Who Once Cared for Us Is One Of The Highest Of Honours"

People are living longer and with an ever expanding aging population, a potential shortage of care staff in the future due in part to Brexit and over 100,000 baby boomers reaching retirement age each year in the UK, Britain is headed towards a perfect storm.


Omni-Butler was started by two tech enthusiasts; one of which has prior experience in the care industry, the other has experience in Smart Home installations, together they worked on developing a Smart Home to help look after a family member after he suffered a stroke. After finding this technology to be very useful in their personal lives they decided to further refine their original idea, thus developing Omni-Care, an intelligent system that helps look after your loved ones whilst your away.

We first realised there was a need for our product before we had ever thought of selling it. When one of our founders close family members suffered a stroke we were frustrated at the lack of options available to keep tabs on his wellbeing whilst away from home, so we decided to come up with the solution ourselves, after months of trial and error we arrived at Omni-Care.

With multiple years of collected experience within tailored smart home installations, we have been providing bespoke care assisted homes for the UK, based in Glasgow. We believe that with technology integration, we can improve the lives of those who need it the most.